Organizing Team

Cátia Ferreira is a PhD candidate in Communication Sciences at Portuguese Catholic University. Her area of research is communication, new technologies and virtual worlds and her dissertation will focus on social change in and through the virtual platform Second Life. She is graduated in English and German Modern Languages and Literatures, and has a specialization in publishing and editing techniques, both from Lisbon University. She holds a M.A. in Communication Sciences also from Portuguese Catholic University. Her master’s degree dissertation explored the relation established between Portuguese emigrants in the USA and their homeland through new technologies as the Internet.

Daniela Agostinho is a doctoral student in Culture Studies at the Faculty of Human Sciences, Portuguese Catholic University. Her dissertation focuses on the rhetoric of atrocity in visual representations of Holocaust, the Bosnian war, and Abu Ghraib. She holds a B.A. in Communication Sciences from New University Lisbon and has spent an Erasmus semester at Free University of Berlin (FU). She currently holds a scholarship from Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT). In addition, she is a member of a joint research project between CECC and the Cluster of Excellence Languages of Emotion at FU Berlin entitled «Critique of Singularity: Catastrophic Events and the Rhetoric of Representation». Her main areas of interest are Visual Culture, Film, Media and Gender Studies.

Elisa Antz is a member of the European PhDnet ‘Literary & Cultural Studies’ and as such, is a doctoral candidate at the Research Centre for Communication and Culture at the Portuguese Catholic University of Lisbon, as well as at the International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture at Justus-Liebig-University in Giessen, Germany. In her dissertation “Root Trips – Introduction of a transnational narrative genre”, she explores the narrative interface of mobility and belonging in contemporary literature. She received her BA in Arts & Culture from University Maastricht and her MA in Comparative Literature and Political Studies from Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich. Her research interests lie in the fields of European Arts & Culture, especially modern philosophy, decadence and urbanism; Comparative Literature and Film Studies.

Elisabetta Colla is a PhD candidate in Culture Studies at the Faculty of Human Sciences, Portuguese Catholic University of Lisbon. The title of her dissertation is “Xiangshan Xianzhi: Chinese Local Sources for a Cultural History of Macau (1661-1796)” and focuses on the Zeitgeist of the 17th and 18th  century Macau. With her thesis and using a multidisciplinary approach, she tries also to question the place of history in the field of Cultural Studies. She is researcher at the Macau Scientific and Cultural Centre in Lisbon, and she teaches in various short courses approved by the Ministry of Science Technology and Higher Education (et. Visual Culture in Contemporary and Imperial China). She received her MA in Asian Studies from University of Porto and a further MA (Laurea) in Chinese Studies from the Universitá Ca’ Foscari of Venice. She  also got a diploma in Chinese language from Beijing Language Institute (today, Culture University). Her research interests are Cultural Studies, Cultural History and Arts of China.

Tânia Ganito is a PhD candidate in Culture Studies at the Faculty of Human Sciences, Portuguese Catholic University of Lisbon. Her dissertation will explore the issues of memory and identity in Chinese contemporary art. She is also a teaching assistant in the Department of Anthropology at the Institute of Social and Political Sciences, Technical University of Lisbon. She received her MA and BA in Anthropology from Technical University of Lisbon and her BA in Chinese language from Beijing Language and Culture University.  Her research interests lie in the fields of Cultural Studies, Contemporary Chinese Studies and Cultural Anthropology.

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